Thomson Newspapers (TN) acquired the Zionsville Times-Sentinel in a purchase concluded last week, according to John T. Cribb of Bolitho-Cribb & Assonciates, who represented the sellers Jay and Paula Endress in this transaction.

“It will be business as usual,” commented Carl Tobiasen, Thomson Indiana President and CEO, of the acquisition. He indicated that Thomson had identified the newspaper as a perfect fit with their strategic marketing focus on quality products with leadership attributes.

“This is an exciting development for Thomson Indiana as we work to expand our business and help support our advertisers and readers,” he added, noting, “We look forward to working with Times-Sentinel so it can continue the high level of community journalism and customer service which has made it so successful.”

The Endress’ will continue with the everyday operations of the newspaper indefinitely.

“The fact that Thomson’s entrance into Boone County was made via the Times-Sentinel is testimony to the newspaper’s excellence in providing its readers with in-depth local news and its advertisers with proven results,” commented Jay Endress. “Paula and I are very excited that the Times-Sentinel is now a part of Thomson Indiana and believe that, under their leadership, the newspaper will continue to flourish.”

Paula Endress, editor and co-publisher, stated, “Jay and I are grateful to all of our readers and advertisers who have supported us during the past four years. Zionsville is blessed to have such tremendous community support. On behalf of the newspaper and its staff, we have very much appreciated that support.”

The Times-Sentinel became the first weekly in the state to produce its publication electronically and transmit its pages to a commercial printer via the Internet.

The oldest, continuously operated business in the county, the Times-Sentinel is a continuation of the Sentinel Dispatch, the Main Street, the Chronicle, and the Times, which was first published in 1860.

Bolitho-Cribb & Associates is a publishing company brokerage firm located in Bozeman, Montana.

Published July 30, 1997

Zionsville, IN