Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stabile and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stanton have sold the assets of Voice Communications, Inc., New Baltimore, Michigan, to 21st Century Newspapers of Macomb, Michigan. John T. Cribb of Bolitho-Cribb & Associates represented the sellers in the transaction. Voice Communications is a weekly newspaper group serving northern Macomb County and southern St. Clair County, Michigan.

Voice Communications was established in 1983 with the launch of the Bay Voice. It was started by Joe and Dorothy Stabile and Tom and Beth Stanton. Two years later, the Downriver Voice and the North Macomb Township Voice emerged, followed by the Blue Water Voice in 1989 and the Macomb Township Voice in 1995. All are award-winning free circulation weeklies. The Voice is among the largest and most honored weekly groups in Michigan. By breaking major stories, the Voice has gained exposure nationally on ABC World News Tonight, CBS National Radio, National Public Radio, and elsewhere.

Bolitho-Cribb & Associates is a publishing company brokerage firm with offices in Montana, Florida, and Wyoming.

Published June 28, 1999

New Baltimore, MI