The Coquille Valley Sentinel, a 117-year-old county seat weekly serving Coos County in southwestern Oregon, has been sold to Del and Janet Richardson of Troy, Idaho, effective May 1, 2000. The seller was represented by Jim Hicks of Bolitho-Cribb & Associates.

The paper had been owned by G. Frederick Taylor since 1989. He had purchased the paper after a career of 30 years with the Wall Street Journal.

The Coquille Valley Sentinel was started in 1882. It was operated by H.A. Young and family from 1927 until 1952, and later owned by Fred Haas and Robert and Betty Van Leer.

Bolitho-Cribb & Associates is a publishing company brokerage firm with offices in Montana, Florida, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Published April 18, 2000

Coquille, OR