Wilbur Flachman has sold MetroNorth Newspapers, including the Northglenn-Thornton Sentinel, the Westminster Window, Action/MetroNorth and the Westsider, to Scott D. Perriman, according to John T. Cribb, Bolitho-Cribb & Associates, who assisted the seller in the transaction.

Perriman, president and CEO of the MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce for the past five years, is a native of Westminster. He announced his resignation to the Chamber’s Board of Director’s on Wednesday, and will take over the reins of the newspapers in mid-June as owner and publisher.

“After nearly 40 years of newspapering in the north area, the legacy I have sought would be to transfer ownership to an on-site, capable, enthusiastic, community-connected individual,” said seller Wilbur Flachman.

“I believe Scott Perriman has these qualities, is an excellent fit, and it is propitious for me to be in a financial position to accommodate purchase by an individual, especially a hometown buyer,” added Flachman.

The transaction will be considered unique because virtually all of the sales of weekly newspapers in Colorado, especially in suburban Denver, in the past decade have been to national corporations.

“Scott may be bucking the trend a bit, but I sincerely believe that given the correct set of circumstances, a supportive community, innovative leadership, proper financing, and a passion for newspapering, independent ownership will thrive,” said Flachman.

Bolitho-Cribb & Associates is a publishing company brokerage firm with offices in Montana, Florida, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Published May 31, 2000

Thornton, CO