Responses to the Fall 2017 Publisher Confidence Survey indicate publishers continue to be encouraged about the short-term future, and are somewhat more confident than a year ago. One hundred and twenty-four newspaper publishers/executives completed the 2017 Survey with 71% of respondents owning daily or daily/weekly newspapers and 29% owning primarily weekly publications.

Fifty-four percent of respondents continue to be interested in buying a newspaper which is below last year, but 66% might-or-would recommend their children seek a newspaper career, which is up slightly.

The percentage of publishers who think their local economy is improving is 39%, which is up from 36% in 2016. Forty-three percent feel their local economy is staying about the same and 18% say it is declining.

Publishers who feel their profit will be up next year increased to 45% compared with 41% in 2016. The target for digital advertising as a percentage of total advertising has a clear majority of 55% indicating that 0-10% is the goal. Thirty-six percent feel the target is 10-20% of revenues and 9% are looking for over 20%.

The conclusion for this year's Survey is that publishers remain confident about future performance - and are a little more confident than they were last year.  

Here are the complete Survey results:

Published October 20, 2017



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1. Is your newspaper company primarily daily frequency (5 days or more each week), non-daily or a combination?

2. Do you think the local economy(s) in your publication market(s) is/are improving, declining or about the same as last year?

3. Next year (2018) do you believe that your bottom line will be up, down or about the same as this year?

4. As your local economy continues to improve, do you think your bottom line will be better than it was before the downturn, worse, or about the same?

5.Next year (2018) do you believe your total advertising revenues will be up, down or about the same as this year?

6. What is your target for digital advertising revenue as a percentage of total advertising revenue in 2018?

7. If you currently print in-house, would you consider outsourcing your printing and eliminating your press?

8. Would you consider purchasing a newspaper currently?

9. If you would consider purchasing a newspaper, for funding would you primarily use (please choose one answer you think best applies):

10. In your opinion, is bank financing on "reasonable" terms available to you?

11. Would you recommend the newspaper business as a career for your children?