Cribb, Cope & Potts



Our Experience

Cribb, Cope & Potts provides forty to fifty formal appraisals of publication titles every year, for a variety of situations. CC&P appraisals are used for estate planning, loans, partnership, venture capital/financial backing, tax, Employee Stock Ownership Plan, shareholder value, minority ownership, and market value. Our appraisals consistently reflect accurate and current market values.

CC&P is the oldest newspaper brokerage, consulting, and appraisal firm in the United States, dating back to 1923, but more important may be our group’s expertise in the type of newspapers, digital media and printing operations that our clients own and operate. Our firm exclusively works in the mid and small market newspaper arena. We believe these properties require more newspaper knowledge and experience to value correctly than larger publicly traded newspapers.

Appraisal Services We Offer

Cribb, Cope & Potts has done valuations on well over a thousand publishing titles and we feel our evaluations reflect accurate market values.  Our appraisals have been used for estate planning, banks, loans, partnerships, venture capital/financial backing, taxes, Employee Stock Ownership Plans, shareholder value, minority ownership, and market value.

A Desktop Review reflects a broad-strokes market value overview of the company operations at a given point in time.  Although not the detailed analysis of a formal appraisal, the Desktop Review provides a working value that is typically within a close range of the value that would be computed through a formal appraisal.