Cribb, Cope & Potts


What is a Desktop Review?

A Desktop Review reflects a broad-strokes market value overview of the company operations at a given point in time.  Although not the detailed analysis of a formal appraisal, the Desktop Review provides a working value that is typically within a close range of the value that would be computed through a formal appraisal.

Desktop Review Appraisals are Cost Effective

We offer the Desktop Review as an option to our clients who do not require a formal appraisal. Typically a Review is used for internal planning and does not need the comprehensive and time consuming evaluation required in a formal appraisal. As a result, the fee is much lower than that for an appraisal, and the work can be completed in a shorter timeframe. A number of newspaper company boards have us provide annual Desktop Reviews to assist them in charting the future of the company.