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Newspapers in the Era of COVID-19

By: Dolph Tillotson The economic realities for newspaper companies before the coronavirus pandemic were, at the least, difficult. Now, America’s newspapers face steep advertising revenue declines, vanishing cashflow, missing employees and wary home-delivery customers....

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Shelbyville Times-Gazette Sold to Holler Media

A newly-formed company, Holler Media, LLC, has purchased three publications in central-Tennessee from Rust Communications, according to Randy Cope of Cribb, Greene & Cope, who represented the seller. Publications in the transaction were the Shelbyville...

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Antigo Daily Journal Acquired by Adams Publishing Group

Antigo, WI–June 26, 2019-Adams Publishing Group, LLC (APG) has acquired the Antigo Daily Journal, Journal Express, and all associated digital and print products according to John Thomas Cribb, of Cribb, Greene & Cope who represented the Berner family in the sale....

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