HAMMONTON, NJ—After 25 years of local ownership by publisher Gabriel Donio, The Hammonton Gazette Inc. has sold The Hammonton Gazette to 37-year-old J. Louis “Louie” Mullen of Buffalo, Wyoming according to John Cribb of Cribb, Cope & Potts who represented Donio and Gazette Editor-in-Chief Gina Rullo.
The Hammonton Gazette is the weekly newspaper of Hammonton, New Jersey and several surrounding communities. The sale was effective September 30. Terms were not disclosed.
“We appreciated Louie Mullen’s offer and we know he will maintain our commitment to quality community-minded journalism as he moves forward as the new owner of The Hammonton Gazette,” Donio said.
It is the new owner’s intent to retain all current staff. Mullen additionally owns weeklies in Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Washington, Oregon and Michigan.
“Gabe and Gina were a pleasure to work with,” Mullen said. “The Hammonton Gazette is a great paper and I’m honored to have the chance to continue that legacy.”
Donio and Rullo were represented by John Cribb of Cribb, Cope & Potts. CCP is a leading merger and acquisition firm with offices in Montana, California and Arkansas.
“We appreciate working with John Cribb and would recommend him to anyone,” Rullo said.