Dolph Tillotson

Operational Consultant

About Dolph

Dolph has been a newspaper professional for over 50 years, operating newspapers in the
Midwest, deep South and in Texas. His depth of operational expertise and broad contacts in the
industry add to the company’s ability to offer advice on operations, content, products and even
the most difficult personnel issues.

Dolph began his career in news, and his particular skill has been to produce award-winning
community newspapers of the highest quality while simultaneously delivering above-average

Tillotson is now chairman of the board of Southern Newspapers, Inc., of Houston, Texas. He
began his career in 1969 as a reporter at The Tuscaloosa (Ala.) News in the formative years of
Boone Newspapers, Inc. Eventually, he became a publisher for Boone, and in 1980 he became
president of the company, working under the mentorship of James B. Boone, Jr.

Tillotson joined Southern Newspapers, Inc., as publisher of The Daily News in Galveston, Texas,
in 1987. He served as publisher in Galveston and also handled corporate management duties
under Carmage Walls and, later, for Lissa W. Walls. In 2011 he retired as publisher in Galveston
and became executive vice president and later president of Southern.

During his career, Dolph has served as a reporter, editor, publisher and as a corporate leader.
He has led turn-arounds at failing operations and created new products. He has bought and
sold newspapers and has worked with every technology, from hot type to the Internet.

Dolph is deeply committed to the mission of newspapers. He looks forward to working with
newspaper managers to produce great newspapers that serve their communities and return
strong profits to their owners.