Clinton, IND – The Daily Clintonian, which ceased publication on April 10, 2020, has been purchased with the intent to restart the newspaper according to John Thomas Cribb, Cribb, Greene & Cope who represented the Carey family in their sale to Don L. Hurd, President of Hoosier Media Group; Hometown Media and Heartland Media Group.

The Daily Clintonian had been in the Carey family since 1936, when George and Elizabeth Carey purchased the newspaper. Their children, George ‘Sonny’ Carey and Diane Waugh have been operating the Clintonian since the mid 1980s.

“Since we were both old enough to deliver newspapers until today, we have worked at our best to deliver the best organized and complete newspaper to our customers,” Carey said. “We feel we have given a great service to west-central Indiana, Clinton, and all of Vermillion and Parke Counties.”

“Today begins the re-birth of ‘The Clintonian.’”

In their sale, the owners renewed their association with Cribb, Greene & Cope – and specifically John Thomas Cribb.

“John’s mentoring and cooperation have been unsurpassed. His strong efforts are sincerely appreciated,” Carey said.

Don Hurd stated, “I felt it was very important that the residents of Vermillion County didn’t lose their local newspaper. By bringing back the Clintonian we plan to be very involved in the local communities that the newspaper serves.” Hurd continued by saying, “Our companies believe strongly in local names and local faces journalism. We plan to provide Vermillion County with a hometown newspaper they will proudly call their own.”

John Thomas Cribb is a Director with Cribb, Greene & Cope and represented the Carey family in the sale. Cribb, Greene & Cope is a leading merger and acquisition firm with offices in Montana, Arkansas, and California.